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Living in France on a budget

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Living in France on a tight budget is not all that difficult. One may assume that just because France is considered by many as the hotbed for European travel next to Italy that everything in the country would be expensive. The truth of the matter is though, that once you get here and you learn to live the French lifestyle, you will soon find yourself saving more money then you ever though possible. It is only when you first arrive that your expenses will be higher than should be.

Let’s take an apartment for example. One can easily obtain a small studio style apartment in France for under 600 Euros a month. This is a great advantage for many people choosing to move and live in France whether they are on a student visa or even a retirement one.

A food bill for the entire month when you spend the vast majority of the time preparing your own meals can fall down to as low as 200 Euros per month. Of course each and every time you make your way to a nice restaurant, a café or even a bar, this number will increase accordingly.

If you are in need of Health insurance in France, do not worry because health insurance can be had here for as low as 42 Euros per month, and if your insurance provider from your home country does not cover France then you will find that this is a definite must for those “just-in-case” moments of happenstance.

Transportation is cheap and easy when you utilize the public forms and can cost as low as 51 Euros per month while on the other hand if you make sure to leave yourself an extra 100 Euros a month for entertainment purposes, you will find that 1,000 Euros per month is a perfect budget which will leave you substantial amounts of room for playing with.

by Nichole Williams, AboutFrenchProperty.com – Copyright © About French Property

  1. First let me say you have the best website for property types and locations of any I have visited.

    We are seriously considering moving to the Normandy area of France. We would like to rent a small home
    close to,(or in a village), and with easy access to rail.

    We are retired and live on a fixed budget so we are still looking at the feasibility of all this.

    Thank you,

    Comment by Scarlett Larson

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